Workout Classes

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Hybrid 4D Functional Training

A fusion of athletics and aesthetics. Perfect balance of bodybuilding and functional strength for athletes of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Maximize functional muscle mass
  • Optimize metabolic function
  • Become strong in all planes & angles of movement
  • Foundation of longevity
  • Bulletproof joints
  • Direct carry-over to sports & real life
  • Become as hard to kill as possible

Metcon 3D Class

Metcon 3D is designed to accelerate your athletic performance, muscular endurance and improve your understanding of basic weight training principles through:
  • Building muscle and burning fat through utilizing free weight training fundamentals with upper body, lower body and full body workout splits with scaling and modifications for all fitness levels.
  • Kick starting weight-loss with a mix of fast paced and scaleable high intensity interval training components.
  • Improving your stamina and longevity in your training and in life with mid to long distance cardio components.
Join a like-minded group of individuals who keep each other accountable, encourage, and push one another to be stronger every week in this mix of strength training, HIIT and boot camp style classes.

Olympic Barbell Class

Olympic Weightlifting (“Clean”, “Jerk” and “Snatch”)

Helps with

  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

Will help you in being a better athlete.

Barbell class will also positively impact your Cross train class experience.

Working-YIN Class

The complimentary opposite of working out. A fusion of breath-work, vision, balance, vestibular hand eye coordination training, corrective exercise, myofascial release, and meditation.

  • Corrective yoga poses
  • The perfect balance between yin and yang to restore posture & breathing
  • Proactively manage mental health
  • Resolve chronic injuries
  • Prevent future injuries
  • To become a fully balanced, integrated human being and maintain that standard

Cross-Training Class

Cross-train group class welcomes a diverse array of athletes, from the newcomer to the experienced. Together as a class, we warm up, train strength and finish with metabolic conditioning, all directed and programmed by our experienced and certified coaches who focus on proper safety techniques and offer a variety of modifications. While training consistently within this one hour class you can expect to: 


  • Increase Mobility and Flexibility

  • Create a Foundation of Strength Through Hypertrophy (building bigger muscles) 

  • Train at a High Intensity

  • Develop a Working Knowledge of Weightlifting and Gymnastics

  • Look Good Naked