Testimonials / Reviews

My wife and sister in law suggested this place for me to help me get back into better shape. I’ve been training with Taylor and hands down he is the best trainer I’ve ever had the experience to work with. And all the other trainers seem like they’re just as good as Taylor. Great place to train get into shape gain some muscle. They offer a lot of classes and have a lot of recovery stations that you can use. I would recommend this place for all ages young and older to train. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

- Isaac Washington

THIS IS NOT A GYM. If you’re looking to radically change your life in regards to pain, inflammation, mobility, body composition and complete lifestyle change then look no further. ZPA is unlike any facility I’ve been to, (and I used to be a personal trainer!) and is full of people who are ready to love on you while holding you accountable with CRYO, LIGHT THERAPY & SAUNA. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and offer regressions / progressions so it meets all levels of those looking to get active.

- Katie Chadwick

I have been a Taylor follower since 2014. From his humble beginnings as a trainer at ‘The Camp’, and therapeutic massages in my home, to where he is today. One thing has remained constant and that is his desire to make people better, both physically and emotionally. Zero Point Athletics is truly a place where you can get better and stronger. You will increase your awareness of and become more in tune with your body mechanics. The classes and trainers are great and most amenities offered here cannot be found at other gyms.

- Chris Earnest

I just want to say that this facility has changed my life. It has been the perfect compliment to my healing. I have so much less pain and inflammation, the Working-in class has improved my breathing, posture and allowed and given me tools to connect to and realign with my body. This has, in turn made the 3-D hybrid class and my workouts much more effective! So much thought and attentiveness is given to each class, and for me it’s been the best medicine. 🙏🏼

- Alicia Pietronico

I walked in to ZPA with lower back pain and plantar fasciitis in both my feet; my energy was low, endurance virtually non-existent, and I felt sick to my stomach after just a few minutes of cardio. Within the first month, all back and foot pain were gone, and my energy had gone up significantly – without doing a single “workout”; this was all from the “working-IN” classes and recovery sessions in the sauna, cold bath, and red light therapy, guided by Taylor’s caring expertise. Five months later, I’m on a weekly workout regimen with zero pain, I’m stronger and have more endurance than I have in many years, and my posture and gait continue to get more and more smooth and effortless. This place rocks; the equipment is world-class, the staff cares deeply about people, and the approach they take to designing and implementing the training is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Member for life!

- Shawn Madden

It really is a holistic health and fitness workout. Totally different from what I was used to. Great trainers, classes that adapt to your level of ability while challenging that level for improvement. It may sound silly, but learning to breath properly and be aware of doing so when working out makes an incredible difference!! Crazy serious fun and hard work!

- Elizabeth Goude

I highly recommend this gym if you are tired of the conventional way of “working out.” I never enjoyed going to the gym because I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. The trainers at zero point are attentive and help teach me how to workout properly, without hurting myself. The classes are fun too! It’s motivating to workout in a group setting. All good vibes!!

- Natasha McMillan

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate everyone at zero point. Not only are they very knowledgeable in regards to a holistic and functional approach to fitness, but they are also very caring, and take the time to get to know and serve the needs of each of their clients. Their love for their craft is apparent from the moment you meet them, and they invest an incredible amount of themselves into what they’re doing here. I recommend everyone check this place out, as it’s not just a place to lift weights, but also to heal in different ways and grow stronger in the process. Take the time to learn about what they’re doing here, you won’t regret it.

- Erick Esquivel

I am not a gym person at all, but I absolutely love this gym, from the amazing knowledgeable owners and trainers, they are so passionate about helping and teaching everyone.They are so different from any other gyms. They have amazing classes, personal training sessions, a sauna, cold pool and other amazing equipment, this gym has something for everybody. This gym is for anyone, no matter your abilities or if you have any injuries, they will work around it. I highly recommend this gym!😊

- Sandy Brown

From the moment I met Taylor, he has been so attentive and helpful in every aspect of my personal needs for a gym. You will NEVER find that in any other gym. He truly cares about all of his clients. Taylor’s energy is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suffer from years of chronic and debilitating migraines. I have seen countless doctors and tried so many drugs that I have lost count. I have seen a significant improvement after only 1 treatment with him!!! He has so much knowledge and such a passion to help people!!! I am now able to work out and enjoy the gym again!!! I love it so much that my daughter joined, and I am now recruiting the rest of my family as well!!! I wish I could spread the word to everyone!!!! ♥️

- Petrona Kramer

Taylor at Zero Point was so helpful in easing pain In my knees. I used to have some sort of build up on my knee cap and after one session with Taylor I had instant relief! He is a wealth of knowledge and has his clients best interest in mind. Highly recommended!

- Harrison Fakas

If you’re looking for a gym with every amenity possible, then look no further. Amazing staff, great customer experience, and trainers that actually know what they’re talking about, and care about your well being. Taylor is an instructor there, and one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. Stop in and ask about signing up. You won’t regret it!

- EZ Industries

I’ve been plagued by injuries in my lifting career. Some of those injuries have led to extensive surgeries. I decided to give Taylor a call to help me recover. Taylor has an unmatched set of skills and knowledge with the human body. He fit me in to his busy schedule and worked on me until I was free of pain. Each time I’ve seen Taylor, I have left with take-home knowledge to keep my body running at optimal conditions. If you are reading through these reviews, I can only assume you’re in pain, your body isn’t working like it used to, or you’re in need of a fitness coach. Do not wait! Call Taylor right now and see the difference he can make in your life. Take your life back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call him now.

- Joseph Brazfield

So much more than a gym. There is such a sense of community with great trainers, support staff and members. The regular classes are fantastic and if you want individual attention, you will receive it from well qualified, caring trainers who are truly invested in your health, well-being and making sure that you are getting the most from everything that you do. They have great amenities like sauna, cryo-tanks,, on site physical therapy and specialty classes that are fun and will leave you wanting to try others. Come and check it out. You will be so glad that you did.

- Cindi Chadwick

I have been apart of this workout community for over a year now and I’ve loved every minute of it! You have amazing trainers like Jon and Taylor that make the working out experience enjoyable and killer all at the same time! Awesome staff all around, great amenities, and amazing workout buddies that motivate you to keep pushing through! Taylor has specifically helped me with my back pain to where it’s minimal to none anymore after dealing with it for so long. Truly grateful for this place! 🙌

- Christina St. Marie

I’ve been to many different gyms and this one is by far my favorite. Trainers/coaches are all very knowledgeable and always have your best interests in mind. I personally enjoy the access to the sauna and cold tubs, it makes post-workout recovery a breeze!

- Matthew Caballero

This is not your average gym. The experience and quality that you get here is unbelievable. I appreciate the time and effort they take to help you along your journey. There are so many amenities for the space they have to work with. Each and every person cares and I appreciate it very much. They all are great at helping whenever you need and breaking things down. It’s worth it and I suggest it for everyone to give it a try.

- Tiffany Deblasio

This place is an absolute deal for the value they are offering. State of the art facility, incredible coaches, superb community. They have taken no shortcuts when it comes to quality. I’m thrilled to have found such a supportive and knowledgeable team. As a body worker and physical culture enthusiast I hold very high expectations. Taylor and the Zero Point Athletics team took the time to support my individual goals and needs. I came to them after struggling with chronic back pain and having hit a rut in my training. Above all, they created the trust needed for me to get back and moving. One stop shop for training, bodywork, biohacking, and human connection. Nothing but good things to say about the people that make this place very special.

- Kyle Grow

Don’t hesitate – this place is great for seasoned athletes and newbies wanting a new workout routine. There are so many amenities – varied classes with incredible support, a sauna, a cold water tank and frequent workshops to mix it up. Everyone is friendly and welcoming – not intimidating at all. Don’t wait!

- Amber Utley

Outstanding Gym! Everyone is super nice and they know their stuff! Taylor really helped me out with his therapy magic and I can’t recommend the man enough! Also the sauna, cryogenic tank, and joove light are just too good to pass up! Beautiful, elegant, and undeniably enough to get you stronger in all aspect of life!

- Peter Kaffen